Seasonal Flowers - What's Blooming When on the Farm

Just like fruit and veggies, every flower has their prime season when they bloom on the farm. Here's a run down on our flower season in Palisade.

January - March: any indoor forced tulips or daffodils; sometimes amaryllis are still re-blooming (dutch varieties); dried flowers.

April: Fancy Daffodils and Tulips - field grown

May: Fall-Planted Hardy Annuals, including bupleurum and snapdragons. Peonies. Roses. Ranunculus. Anemones. Salvia. Iris.

June: Transition month - last of the spring flowers, start of the summer flowers. Bells of ireland. roses. Anemones. sweet peas. sunflowers. Scabiosa.

July: Hello heat lovers! celosia, zinnias, cosmos, grasses, statice. amaranth. Sunflowers. Gomphrena. Lisianthus.

August: Dahlias start blooming! everything from july still going strong!

September: Heirloom mums start blooming. Heat lovers start slowing down, and we get a second flush of cool flowers like snapdragons.

October: flowers until frost - amaranth, zinnia, cosmos, dahlias, mums, Frost hits sometime this month, which ends field-grown flowers for the Year.

November: dried flowers; amaryllis & Paperwhites get started

December: Dried Flowers; Amaryllis & Paperwhites

If you want a general season overview, below is a seasonal flower guide that I created last year. It goes through spring, summer, fall, and winter on the farm, and makes a great quick guide when you're looking for local and seasonal blooms!

Download PDF • 837KB

What time of year are you most looking forward to?

Personally, I love when the summer fades subtlety into fall in late September. It doesn't get much better than that on the farm, although the first spring blooms are definitely a close second!

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