March on the Farm

March is full of anticipation for the season to come!

Daffodils are pushing up through the soil, fruit trees are starting to bloom, hardy annual seedlings are being planted out, and field prep is in high gear!

As I noted in the february on the farm post, hardy annual seeds have already been started and are getting planted in the first half of March. This month the second succession of hardy annuals are starting, as well as the first succession of heat-loving annuals at the end of the month.

For field prep, we remove the silage tarp and finish laying compost over any fresh planting beds and add whatever amendments were recommended by our soil test. This year, we are low on our micronutrients, which means I have to be good about feeding the soil with seaweed fertilizer every week during the season (Goals!).

We also set up the cattle panel trellis for the sweet peas to climb. If you've never grown sweet peas, they are a real treat! BUT they need a sturdy trellis or arch to grow well, and lots of fertilizer!

March definitely feels like the season has begun, and I Can. Not. Wait. for the color to return!

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