January on the Farm

January marks not only the new calendar year, but also the switching of gears on the flower farm to reflecting and planning.

I always like to take at least a week in January to reflect on the previous season and what I'd like to try (new!), ditch, and tweak. For 2022, here are my thoughts:

TRY: Heirloom Mums (sooo pretty and the latest bloomers); fall-planted hardy annuals, aka Cool Flowers

Ditch: Weeds! Seriously, I need to stay on top of them this summer. Also, poppies, carnations, and millet did not make the crop list this season.

Tweak: Re-Distribute my percentages. Flower farms always need to plant a good mix of foliage, supporting flowers, and focal flowers. I definitely planted the most supporting flowers this past season, and that needs to change. Sara Pabody from Triple Wren Farms suggests 50% focal, 30% foliage, and 20% Supporting.....I'm aiming for similar, except switch supporting and foliage!

I also have to make my seed starting schedule, planting schedule, work schedule, etc. etc. SO. MUCH. PLANNING. I always have to remind myself that planning now saves a lot of stress later. And to take a lunchtime walk to clear my head. It's weird shifting from field work to office work, and a lunchtime walk saves my sanity.

What do you reflect on each year to make sure the year to come is a success?

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