How-To: Self-Serve Farm Stand

With the opening of our farm stand, I wanted to do a quick run-through of how it all works!

Once you find us (I know we are tucked away among the orchards and vineyards!!), park out in front of the farm stand and come through the small gate. The farm stand and gate will be unlocked when we are open, and dot (our dog) will not be outside. If you arrive and dot is outside and the gate is closed, we are closed. I try to keep it pretty simple!

Upon entering, you see our welcome sign, price list, and payment instructions (along with a calculator if you need it!)

on the right wall are our flowers and gifts. We have small, medium, and large bouquet sizes this year - and availability will depend on how many flowers we have that week!

Some of my favorite gift items:

-Bloom candle by poppy Mountain Rituals - these are custom made for us and feature our dried flowers. The farm stand is the ONLY place you can get these candles! And have I mentioned how amazing they smell? OMG. I'm obsessed and usually have it burning when the farm stand is open so you can experience the amazingness while you shop.

-Flower greeting cards - 3 different series are available and they make great all-purpose greetings OR small prints to hang up!

-Savor Life Planner - my favorite planner of all time, it really helps me keep focused each week with a brain dump, affirmations, and more. it's undated so you can start it at any time!

Once you make your selections, pay via venmo, paypal, exact cash, or check, and you're on your way to your next destination!

If you want to know our farm stand hours for the month, check out our 'find us' page! I update it every month with farm stand days and hours.

If you are looking for a tour of the farm, you'll need to purchase a ticket to a farm event, which are posted under 'events' one month prior to the event. I'm usually working on the farm during open hours and we also live on the farm, so we need to set this boundary to respect our work time and our family's privacy. I'm sure you understand this juggling act!

I hope you make the drive through the orchards and vineyards and stop by soon,


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