Garvey's Gardens' Favorite Seed Sources for Growing Flowers

While we purchase many of our seeds wholesale, there are many specialty varieties we purchase retail. Here are our favorite seed sources:

  1. Floret - while many of their seeds are sold out for the season, there are still some gems! Floret's specialties are sweet peas, zinnias, and celosia.

  2. Redemption Seeds - winners for the absolute best packaging, receiving seeds from redemption is like getting a present to yourself in the mail!

  3. Johnny's Seeds - If you want to shop where many growers shop, johnny's is the place! The key here is to order all or none of your seeds here to take advantage of their free shipping - otherwise it gets a bit pricey comparatively.

  4. botanical interests - you can find these seeds locally in many stores, and they're a colorado-based company! Their seed packets also have a super helpful drawing of what the seedlings look like for each variety, which is a life-saver if you are direct seeding!

  5. high desert seed - local to the western slope, these seeds are grown and harvested in the high desert making them especially suited for our harsh climate. If you're not local to western colorado, I'd substitute this entry for YOUR local seed supplier in your region.

Where do you Like to purchase your seeds? let me know in the comments below!

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