Five Elements of a Balanced Bouquet

When you're building a bouquet, there are five main elements to a balanced bouquet:

1. Focal: These are the stars of the show. You don't need too many of them (1-5), but they're definitely needed to make an impact! Possible flowers include: tulips, daffodils, sunflowers, anemone, ranunculus, dahlias, heirloom mums.

2. Disk: smaller round flowers that give the bouquet some mass. possible flowers include: zinnia, strawflower, scabiosa, cosmos, marigolds

3. Spike: Think straight lines that draw your eye up and to other parts of the bouquet. it gives the bouquet a vertical component. favorite line flowers include: Snapdragons, bells of ireland, Amaranth.

4. Filler: Used to add green and visual interest, as well as to bulk up your bouquet, filler is super important! Favorite fillers include: basil, euphorbia, marigold and cosmos greens, bupleurum, raspberry foliage

5. Air: Every bouquet needs to end with a bit of whimsy! Favorite air elements on the farm include frosted explosion grass, gomprena, jewels of opar, cosmos, clematis, and honeysuckle.

Next time you create your own bouquet, or purchase one from the farm, keep an eye out for these five elements! They are also super helpful when planning your own cutting garden - ensuring plenty of variety and visual interest. Here's a pdf overview I created so you can print it out for easy reference during the season!

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