February on the Farm

February means one thing on the flower farm - seed starting!

Hardy Annuals get started in February for planting in early march (6-8 weeks before our last frost here in western colorado). Heat-loving annuals get started in March and April, so it's a full 3 months of focus on seeding at the farm!

I use the small soil blocks for seed starting, except for a select few seeds that are larger and/or that need more space. Sweet peas and scabiosa are the two that got their start in 50 cell trays, while everything else is growing in soil blocks. I'm able to start 360 soil blocks in the same space as 1 cell tray. When you're as small of a farm as we are, you take all the space saving you can get!

What seeds are you most excited to start this spring? Let me know in the comments below!

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