5 Pieces of Clothing I Can't Live Without as a Flower Farmer!

One of the biggest changes for me as a flower farmer was switching from breezy and cool summer clothes like dresses and shorts to clothes that protect my body from the elements, bugs, and other random things that may pop up during the day! It's much easier to be prepared first thing in the morning when you're gardening, than have to go back inside and change 8,000 times. Just believe me on that one!

To help you out, I've collected a list of my favorite clothes for flower farming (or gardening!), so you can have a safe and successful day outside. If I had to define my style, it would be 'cool comfort' - and by 'cool' I mean temperature cool. I won't be winning any fashion awards in my lifetime with these choices....but happiness always beats awards in my book!

Best Pants: Hiking pants. I prefer them over jeans because they're breathable, easy to move in, and wick away moisture/rain. Bonus points if they're elastic waist!

Best Shirt: A Long-Sleeve and breathable button-up. Feel free to layer if you want, but if you get one of these shirts, they'll keep you cool enough in the summer by themselves! Bonus points if it has good pockets! Never enough pockets....

Best Shoes: Mid-Rise and comfortable - you'll be on your feet A LOT! I prefer HOKA or ALTRA mid-rise sneakers over farming boots. It's much easier to give your feet comfort in the beginning than to wear crummy shoes and try to give them a pillow once they're already hurting!

Best Gloves: These bamboo nitrile gloves hold up to almost anything I throw at them, and they're washable! Seriously LOVE them and give them to everyone working on the farm on their first day.

Best Hat: Yes, you need a hat, and, no, a baseball cap won't do. You need a legit sun hat, like this one!

i hope these clothes keep you cool and protected while working in your garden this season!

Until next time,


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