5 Easy Annual flowers to start from seed

Looking to have your own cut flower garden this year? Start with these 5 flowers and you'll be making bouquets before you know it!

1: Sunflower

these easy heat-loving beauties are PERFECT for the back of your garden! While I grow single-stemmed sunflowers on the farm for uniformity, I recommend branching varieties for the home garden, since they give you more flowers! If you don't want to worry about pollen falling all over your table, make sure you buy pollenless varieties. Don't worry, the bees still love the nectar. You can buy such a range of colors now too, so don't just limit yourself to the traditional yellow!

2: Cosmos

A true garden powerhouse, cosmos come in single and double blooms, and on the full spectrum of reds, from white to burgundy. You can also find bright light cosmos that are yellow and orange! One of my original garden flowers, cosmos can be harvested for their foliage and their flowers. Just make sure you keep on top of harvesting them, as they go to seed readily when not picked.

3: Zinnia

My all-time favorite flower, zinnias truly come in a full rainbow of colors and sizes. You can find seeds easily for basic varieties, but if you want HUGE flowers, go for benary's giant. OR, if you love the layers like I do, Oklahoma zinnias are small but SUPER ruffly. There's also the queen series if you're looking for an antique look. There's truly something for everyone with zinnias, and they are also a cut-and-come-again variety.

4: Statice

My favorite filler, statice is just as stunning dried as it is fresh! The colors are so saturated, and you can really play with your bouquet color schemes with all of the options! My favorites are white and purple. The white goes with everything, and the purple is a wonderful pop against sunflowers!

5: celosia

Also known as cockscomb, celosia comes in plume, supercrest, and dome varieties, giving a little something to everyone. Bouquets need a spike element, and the plume varieties are perfect for that! celosia also dries well, and branches a ton once you pinch it back!

These 5 flowers will reward you for continuously picking flowers for bouquets, and also readily produce seed once you stop harvesting, giving you the ability to save seed and begin again next season!

What flower do you have the most success with in your garden?

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