3 things you need for your own professional seed starting setup

seed starting doesn't always have to take up your kitchen table every spring! With these 3 items and 3 easy steps, you will have those seedlings off your table and growing strong in no time!

This is the exact setup I use on the farm for the 1,000s of seeds every spring.

Step 1: Start with a wire rack. You may already have one at your home, or you can buy a new one just for this!

Step 2: Once the wire rack is set up, add the seedling heat mats to the shelf. These are only needed until your seeds sprout, so you don't need them on every shelf. If you only start one tray at a time, just get one. If you do more, buy more. You'll move your trays off the mats (or unplug the mats) once seeds have sprouted.

Step 3: on the underside of the shelf, add the lights. I use the zip ties that come with the lights, but you could get fancy with s-hooks and chain if you want. The lights should only be 4-6 inches above your trays or seedlings, so you will probably need to move them higher as the seedlings grow.

Bonus Tip: If you buy a timer surge protector, you don't have to worry about Your seedlings after setup except for daily watering!

I told you it was easy!

Until next time,


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