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2022 Farmer's Market Schedule

Palisade Farmer's Market
Sundays from 9am until 1:30pm
June 5 - October 9

You are welcome to come purchase flowers during our farm stand hours, listed below, but the farm is only open for tours during ticketed events.

Please respect our home and farm by not going further than the farm stand unless you are invited to do so. Thank you!


Farm Stand Hours This Month

Sunday, May 1 8am-12pm
Wednesday, May 4 3-8pm
Saturday, May 7 8am-12pm
Sunday, May 8 8am-12pm
Wednesday, May 11 3-8pm
Wednesday, May 18 3-8pm
Sunday, May 22 8am-12pm
Wednesday, May 24 3-8pm
Thursday, May 25 3-8pm
Saturday, May 26 8am-12pm
Sunday, May 27 8am-12pm
Wednesday, May 30 3-8pm