About Garvey's Gardens

We are a micro flower farm

on picturesque east orchard mesa in palisade, colorado.

We specialize in seasonal flowers cut and delivered within

24 hours to the grand valley region,

using sustainable practices as much as possible.

When I returned home from a 20 day hospital stay on February 12, 2020, my entire world had changed. I survived HELLP syndrome, but my daughter, Maeve, had passed away 45 minutes after birth. I had no idea what I was going to do, but I knew that I was an entirely new person. 

As I got my strength back over the next few months, I took a renewed interest in gardening. I signed up for PITH+VIGOR's Garden Boot Camp and Planting Boot Camp (now "Garden Design Lab") and set out to design a plan for our 2.75 acre farm, eventually planning and planting "Maeve's Memory Garden."

The flowers in 2020 bloomed incessantly and I made as many bouquets as I could - I was hooked! I took the Winter season to learn as much as my brain could hold, and am now a proud Floret Workshop Alumni, class of 2021. In 2021, I turned our pasture into a 1/4 acre flower farm specializing in unique blooms that don't transport well and are only available locally, like dahlias, celosia, cosmos, zinnias, and much, much more!


Thank you for following along on my journey, and I hope my flowers can feed your soul as much as they've fed mine! 

-Sydney Garvey


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